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Where Clay Meets Culture and Craftsmanship.

Hello, I'm Arkady Thompson, a seasoned ceramicist with a passion for hand-built clay creations. With over 15 years of experience, I specialize in crafting sculptures, chess sets, lanterns, and more, drawing inspiration from nature and the rich tapestry of human history. Join me on a journey of artistic exploration where clay meets creativity and culture.

Natural Inclinations, Arkady Thompson owner


Natural Inclinations is an art-based business, mostly consisting of functional and nonfunctional ceramic wares, such as lanterns and book nooks, chess sets with various themes, sculptures, and candle or incense holders as well as the occasional paintings and jewelry. Subjects for these works are inspired by my passion for medicinal and edible plants, cultures and folklore from around the world. I work mainly with unglazed clay and mason stains to accent the natural contrast of colors, the diffusion of light, and the natural clean lines of the clay.

I have crafted handmade pieces that have been featured in a fundraising auction for Help Hope Live a charitable organization that supports fundraising for individuals with unmet medical expenses. I and Natural Inclinations are committed to creating art with responsibly sourced materials and environmentally neutral firing techniques.

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