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From a very young age Arkady always had a drive to creativity. She always had a pencil in her hand. She honed her skills throughout school and later majored in fine arts. Throughout the years she continued to study and experiment with new techniques forming her own style.

As she developed her style she branched out to offering commissions. She relishes the challenge of creating unique and interesting pieces and seeing the enjoyment the buyer has with the finished products.

Arkady is currently working on her Master's degree in Business of Art and Design at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and will graduate in December of 2024.

Arkady is currently creating artworks with the focus of entering them into galleries and art exhibits and expanding her commission clientele. She is working toward making her artwork her career and is very excited to share her vision of the world with others.

Arkady focuses mainly on ceramics, both sculpture and functional wares. She uses a combination of handbuilding techniques, light and shadow, and color and texture to express her unique perspective.

However, she also paints wildlife, landscapes, architecture, and her favorite, trees and plants, using oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Additionally, she creates unique pieces of jewelry with natural stones, ceramic and metal beads, and wire wrapping.

Natural Inclinations, Arkady Thompson | Creative designs


Natural Inclinations, Arkady Thompson | Pottery creations
Natural Inclinations, Arkady Thompson | Unique art pieces
Natural Inclinations, Arkady Thompson | Artistic expression

Natural Inclinations Art uses inspiration from nature and culture to create unique and intriguing pieces of art. Arkady uses her background in art and archaeology and a passion for history and research to influence her artwork in all medias.

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